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The cleaning device
The mattress cleaning device generates high frequency vibrations; filth particles are
resolved in the inside of the mattress and on that occasion are pulvericed and with an
exact adjusted vacuum to the mattress, removed. The intensive power of the cleaning
device destroys all mites, their excrements, germs and bacteria.

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Here are some exciting features of our cleaning device:
* The patented bag system, rated HEPA 11, filters more than 99% of particles
as small as 0.3 microns including household alergens.
* The basic power unit has a strong durable fan, designed with the help of NASA.
* Removes irritating dust mite allergens from the bedding.

Hygienic mattress cleanings, not only for people with allergies!
We recover while sleeping. Our well-being depends to high extent of it, how good and
relaxed we feel. Florid eyes, however, head cold, cough attraction, breath trouble and
skin itching in the morning indicates a high concentration of house-dust. These symptoms are
caused by unpleasant co-inhabitants in our mattress. House dust mites live in our surroundings
and they are mainly in the bed, the mattress and the textile surfaces. The mite itself is not
the problem but it produced excrement. Up to 10.000 mites can be in one gram of
house dust living off our perished skin sheds.