Tidiness and healthy sleep for hotel guests!
Hotel beds are used every night by different holiday makers, high hygienic standards
should be provided. Perspiration, dead skin and microbes get into the mattress
and can easily turn into a hygienic problem. The nesting and spread of mold, mites,
germination and bacteria leads not only to health problems of hotel guests but also
attacks the material and durability of the mattresses in the hotel.

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Hygienically, clean and sophisticated!
An unhygienic hotel bed gives a bad overall picture of the hotel and reduces
the likelihood of a renewed booking.
Very clean hotel beds – your new advertising potential!
The bed is the most intimate piece of furniture in one's life.
At home, one knows one's mattress. On Holidays, good sleep is a basic health need.
Not every hotel has recognized this as a potential advertisement, yet!

Advantages the suburb mattress cleaning in the hotel:
* Cleaning on the spot
* Current hotel business is not disturbed
* Info certificate for the hotel
* Link to your web page
* Confirmation of the professional cleaning
* Absolutely chemistry-free
* Rooms can be used immediately after cleaning